Raised Quiverfull: A Homeschooling Future?

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Do you plan to homeschool/are you homeschooling your children? Why or why not? If you do plan to homeschool, in what ways will you/do you do it differently from your parents? Joe: We tried for two years and were miserable failures.  Not only did we discover we had no life outside of child rearing and schooling and feeding and changing diapers and blah blah blah, but we discovered that you cannot fit a child into a cookie cutter teaching style.  My wife had a very distinct teaching style and it … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: Looking Back on Being Homeschooled


Do you perceive of your academic or social abilities differently today than you did when you were being homeschooled? Joe: I had the best of both worlds.  I went to public school and had many friends who were home taught.  I can relate to both.  Had I been homeschooled, I would have thought that everyone who thought differently than me was to be ostracized. Latebloomer: Definitely! As a teen, I put the blame on myself for my lack of social skills, and I felt happy to be safe at home.  I bel … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

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What do you see as the pros and cons of having been homeschooled? Do you feel that your homeschool experience prepared you well socially? Academically? Joe: Homeschooling is right for some people and very wrong for others.  Many people see homeschooling as the opportunity for indoctrination of their children.  Others see it as the only path to educating their child, with the child having failed all other alternatives.  I like the latter reason for opting for homeschooling.  But, the fact is, mo … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: Homeschooling, Academics, and Socialization


Briefly describe your experience being homeschooled, including the amount of interaction you had with other homeschoolers or non-homeschoolers (socialization) and what sorts of textbooks or homeschool program your family used (academics). Joe: Not being homeschooled, I have no experience with it at all.  But, we churched exclusively with homeschoolers.  We never had friends outside of this church and, if we did, were banned from them immediately.  Homeschooling was God's plan for everyone and p … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: Reasons for Homeschooling

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Why and when did your parents originally decide to homeschool? Did their reasons for homeschooling change over time? Joe: My family knew nothing about homeschooling until we met the esteemed, Bill Gothard.  Then, when Mama fell in love with every word that dripped off his tongue, she viewed his homeschooling program as the only program worth belonging to.  Little did I know this would be a huge blessing in my life.  I considered it a curse at the time, as you will soon see. In 1992, Bill Go … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: Stay at Home Daughters


In what ways were boys and girls in your family raised differently vocationally (i.e., the boys pushed toward careers and the girls pushed toward homemaking)? How did this play out as you came of age (apprenticeship, college, staying home, etc.)? Joe: The girls were not allowed to go to college.  Not until they escaped from the prison anyway.  Also, for years, Mama hated the idea of college due to Bill Gothard's ignorance, and forbade any of the boys to plan their secondary education.  But, as … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: A Gendered Childhood


In what ways were boys and girls in your family expected to dress or act differently from each other? Were there certain things it was appropriate for girls to do but not boys, and vice versa? Joe: Not really.  If we were boys, we were not supposed to have anything to do with girls.  If we were girls, we had nothing to do with boys.  That was pretty much it.  Of course, as I alluded to before, the girls' wardrobe was much stricter than the boys and in the later years, the boys were able to wea … [Read more...]