Growing Up Evangelical at the End of the World


"Dad, when do you think the rapture will happen?""Oh, probably in the next five or ten years."I was eleven. Eleven. And I trusted my dad. I respected him, a lot. He was the smartest person I knew - well read, intelligent, a thinking person. You know how doctors sometimes tell cancer patients how many years they have left to live? That's what this felt like. I had ten years. Ten. No wonder I hoped to marry and have children early. I didn't want to miss my chance.Any time I saw a … [Read more...]

Fear and the Fundamentalist Child

Witch fear

Today is Halloween. Sally is giddy with excitement. I'm taking her trick-or-treating this evening, and she's been asking every day for a month now if it is "Halloween Day." Bobby will be going too, his first Halloween, in the matching outfit Sally picked for him. The thing is, I remember experiencing Halloween as a child raised on the border between evangelicalism and fundamentalism. I loved wearing a costume and attending our church's Harvest Fest, but I also believed that Halloween was Satan's … [Read more...]

The End Times Part VI: Rapture Anxiety

I have written before about suffering from salvation anxiety and demon anxiety. I was surprised how many others chimed in to say they had shared my experiences. There's a third kind of anxiety to be discussed, though, and that is rapture anxiety.Many Premillennialists believe that the rapture is imminent. As in, really imminent. When I was a child I asked my dad when he thought the rapture would take place. His answer? In the next five or ten years. This sort of thinking is not at all … [Read more...]