Anti-Vaxxers Reach New Low in Criticism of Autistic Sesame Street Character

My first grade daughter has a friend---we'll call him Jake---who has Asperger's, an autism spectrum disorder. I've talked with her about the condition in an effort to help her understand her friend, but it's sometimes hard to find the line between providing helpful information and unnecessarily othering or stereotyping a child. In that vein, I was excited when I learned that Sesame Street is introducing an autistic character, Julia. I was glad that other children like my daughter will have ac … [Read more...]

Science, Privilege, and Power

Organized atheism has a love affair with science. It's not just that science offers explanations for things that have often been explained supernaturally, it also provides many atheists with a sense of awe. But it's something more than that, too. For some, science seems to replace religion. I've had atheists tell me, for example, that science will show us the way forward, let us know how to live, and give us solutions to the world's problems---never mind that, as I have pointed out, science does … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Frustrated Pinterest Science Girl Mom

for a boy

Lately, I've been thinking about redoing Sally and Bobby's bedroom. We've done some deep cleaning over the summer and have redone some things in the kitchen and living room, and it's about time I took that energy upstairs. Since the children spend most of their time playing in the living room these days, I wanted to take a good, long look at their bedroom and and see how I could make it more functional and usable.Sally, as I've mentioned, is a science kid. So I went to pinterest and typed in … [Read more...]

Young Earth Creationism Isn’t Science

Seven years ago, I left young earth creationism. Three years ago, I blogged about the reasons I left. What stunned me most, at the time, was just how unscientific creationist claims were. I felt conned. When I actually looked at the science, and not just by reading Answers in Genesis and other creationist literature, the entire thing just fell apart. The rock layers don't look like they were laid down by a global flood. There are transitional fossils between humans and our … [Read more...]

A Taxonomy of Creationists

There was a post on the Friendly Atheist a while back which got me thinking about the reasons people embrace creationism. I had thought that there were two types, in a sense - those who were misled, and those who were intentionally doing the misleading.See, being raised a young earth creationist I grew up trusting what my parents, my church, and organizations like Answers in Genesis told me. It wasn't until, as an adult, I examined the issue for myself and found that not only was young earth … [Read more...]

Science: It’s a girl thing?

No, just no.I appreciate the effort, but I'd like to think that we can get girls interested in science without telling them that science = makeup! … [Read more...]

Creationism: Fitting Science into the Bible

Growing up, I honestly thought that creationism was a scientific theory. I thought that if you looked at the evidence out there and evaluated it honestly and without bias, it would point to a young earth creation. I thought that if, say, a Muslim or a Hindu or a Taoist looked at the earth without preconceived evolutionary ideas, they would conclude that it was created six thousand years ago and destroyed by a flood fifteen hundred years later, and that genetics similarly showed that humans all de … [Read more...]