Marital Rape? Doug Wilson on Dominance and Submission in the Marriage Bed

marriage bed

*Trigger warning for survivors of sexual or domestic violence*The blogosphere I follow has lit up in horror over the last day or so in reaction to a blog post which makes a connection between the prevalence of rape in our society and sex as practiced in the marriage bed today, and, some have argued, responds by endorsing marital rape. This post, which contained a lengthy quotation by prominent conservative evangelical reformed pastor and leader Doug Wilson, was posted by Jared Wilson of The G … [Read more...]

It Finally Bothered Me

For some reason, growing up I was never bothered by the fact that our pastors were always male. And the ushers. And the elders. For some reason, that just seemed, well, normal. And natural. It was just how things were, and I never even thought of them being any other way.I began belief hopping when I realized that I had too much respect for my own ability to think and reason and come to conclusions to simply sublimate all of that and obey my father. I couldn't do it. Suddenly, I couldn't let … [Read more...]

Science: It’s a girl thing?

No, just no.I appreciate the effort, but I'd like to think that we can get girls interested in science without telling them that science = makeup! … [Read more...]

On World Magazine, Sexism, and Name Changing

Because of The Last Name Project, I've been doing some thinking on everything that goes into women's decisions on whether or not to change their last names. My entry in this project and Sierra's entry reveal that two women with similar backgrounds and similar current beliefs can answer this question very differently - I changed my last name, but Sierra has chosen not to. I don't think that one choice is right or that the other is wrong. I think they're just different.The important thing is … [Read more...]

America is “gone” because women “are taking over”

Don't watch this if you're worried about your blood pressure.This guy is not just some quack. It's really appalling that someone can say these things and actually have people look up to and respect them. He even says that women shouldn't be able to vote. And you know what? His organization is beloved of the Republican Party leadership. We still have so far to go, folks, so far to go."This is how evil is coming in. It's through the woman." … [Read more...]

The Pay Gap

In her show Monday night, Rachel Maddow expressed her complete surprise when learning that leading Republicans really don't believe a pay gap between men and women exists. She says she had thought the disagreement was on how to solve the pay gap, not on whether it existed.Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I have to say, I wasn't surprised, because this is what I grew up being taught. Of course, I also grew up being taught that white males are the … [Read more...]

Shadows, Echoes, and Reflections: Gendered Standards

As you know, I have a very large number of younger siblings. As more of my siblings have begun growing up, I've been noticing a pattern in how my parents have treated their children's relationships with those of the opposite gender. Let's just say it's a gendered difference. A major gendered difference.The girls have all had their prospective beaus scrutinized in detail, and each time there ends up being drama and pain and heartbreak. And it's not just the beliefs that are scrutinized. It's … [Read more...]