Shame, shame, shame!

I came upon this video via The Friendly Atheist. It's about what Christians are really thinking about during worship. The Friendly Atheist watched it and laughed; I watched it and wanted to cry. Why? Because this video was produced by a church. It's no simply "funny song," it's a blatant attempt to shame parishioners. And it's not like this sort of thing is uncommon - it isn't. In fact, it's common practice. Watch at least a little bit of the video, and then I will explain further.I spent … [Read more...]

The Fruit of Spanking: Rage and Shame

As I remember it, my parents didn’t spank me all that often. When I was spanked it was usually just three wallops with a wooden paddle. My mom only rarely bruised us, and my dad actually went easier on us than she did. Sometimes mom would save us for dad to spank, and he would decide that we had suffered enough and only pretend to spank us. He had us yell and holler and everything.Why is it, then, that when I look back at being spanked all I remember was the inner rage I felt? No one is l … [Read more...]