SMM: The One Where Hierarchy Is Equality

A Guest Post by KateOriginally posted on Time To Live, FriendSo Much More, Chapter 6 Part 2 “The goal of Marx’s feminism was to Marxise the thinking of women, then men, then the entire culture. Notice how women were first on their list? Recall that Satan targeted a woman first, too. God’s enemies have recognized that women are not only the weaker vessels, and consequently more easily led, but they are incredibly influential over their husbands (think of Even again) and children, and they … [Read more...]

SMM: Daughters, Fathers, and Their Enemies: Who would turn you against your father

A Guest Post by KateOriginally posted on Time to Live, FriendAnd it just gets weirder and weirder.Do you really have enemies? You do according to the Botkins. “Your father is being insulted, mocked, and guilt-manipulated by the media simply for being a man and a father” (63).And how is your father being attacked? Who are these enemies?  “There is one enemy in particular who will come up several times in this book….his name is Karl Marx. ….He was a Satanist…” (64).I tried looki … [Read more...]

SMM: Chapter 5—Daughters with less-than-perfect Fathers

A Guest Post by KateOriginally posted Time To Live, FriendFinally, now that we’re on chapter 5, the Botkins admit that there will be exceptions to their way of life.  What’s a girl to do if she has a bad father or if her father is not onboard with the whole stay-at-home daughter thing? What if she doesn’t have a father? Unfortunately, the Botkins have answers for you. “All fathers are less than perfect. So are all daughters. We can’t wait for our fathers to be perfect before we become th … [Read more...]

SMM: Chapter 4—Dominion and Helping Our Fathers

A Guest Post by KateOriginally posted Time To Live, FriendThought the nightmarish Chapter 4 was over? Nope, there’s so much more (pun intended).The Botkins have established (albeit, unconvincingly) that a woman, whether married or single, is to be a helpmeet. Now, they begin discussing Dominionism, God’s plan for the world, and how girls are to help their fathers in their vision. Girls are not to have their own visions. They are simply to accept their father’s vision.And how are g … [Read more...]

SMM: Chapter 4—Why Your Daddy Needs You

A Guest Post by KateOriginally posted Time To Live, Friend.[alternative title: The One Where they Use the “S” word]Get ready because this one is a doozy. “Perhaps the most spiritually foundational chapter in the book is Chapter Four, about your duty of submission. Please pray for a responsive heart before you read it” (7). In other words, check your natural gut reaction at the door, and if you are balking at our ideas about submission then you must have a rebellious heart against God. Sorr … [Read more...]

SMM: Chapter 3—What Our Fathers Do for Us

A Guest Post by KateOriginally posted Time To Live, Friend.I think the Botkin sisters introduce this chapter best: “Because the Bible doesn’t give a huge amount of instruction exclusively to fathers and daughters, most of what we have to work from are the passages setting the patterns for men and women in general” (23).Hm, maybe the fact that the bible doesn’t have a “huge amount of instruction” about fathers and daughters is a sign that they should stop making up stuff that the Bible does … [Read more...]

SMM: Chapter 2—What Daughters Have Been Missing

A Guest Post by KateOriginally posted Time To Live, Friend.In this chapter we learn that fathers are supposed to be our best friend and confidant! “Our fathers are supposed to be dear, trusted confidantes and friends….our knights in shining armor, our protectors, our guardians, and they are even supposed to represent God to us” (17). I’m just not even sure how to start responding to this. Confidante and friend? Knight in Shining Armor? God to us? Where does it say that in the bible? Oh rig … [Read more...]