“What’s Your Favorite Princess?”

My husband Sean had to work this past weekend, and at one point I stopped by his office with the kids. Five-year-old Sally was immediately attracted to the chalkboard, and began attempting to copy the numbers and figures¬†already on the board (Sean is in a STEM field). After a few minutes, one of Sean's colleagues stopped by. Sean introduced us, and his colleague turned to Sally. "How old are you?" he asked genially. "Five," she responded. "What's your favorite princess?" he asked. Seriously? … [Read more...]

Right-Wing Radio Hosts Discuss Man-Hating Feminists

Jessica, a writer for Friendly Atheist, has a fascinating post up today in which she analyses¬† and responds to a conversation about feminism that took place between two right-wing radio hosts. This piece is instructive as well as maddening, because the radio hosts, Swanson and Buehner, employ essentially every anti-feminist stereotype and straw man out there. Here is the clip:If you don't have a moment to listen, don't worry, because Jessica took the time to transcribe the entire thing. … [Read more...]