On Weakness and Temptation: The Checkout Aisle and Me

I learned growing up that everyone has their own particular weaknesses, their own particular points of temptation. For men it might be porn, for women it might be gossip. In order to avoid your temptation you might have to avoid a particular store - like Victoria's Secret - or a particular activity - like watching chic flicks. Mine was the checkout aisle.Every time I approached the checkout aisle at the grocery, I knew I was in for a battle. It was the magazines, you see. The trouble w … [Read more...]

Christianity, Sin, and Thought Crime

Growing up in a fundamentalist evangelical home, I had little chance to commit any serious sins. To some extent this didn't matter: I was taught that a sin is a sin is a sin, and talking back to your mother is just as bad in God's eyes as was murder. Practically, though, what sins I did commit - being mean to a younger sibling, not coming immediately when called, doing a chore sloppily - were rare and easily made right. What I was much, much more concerned about was committing thought crime. … [Read more...]

The “Problem” of Lust

Note: I am defining lust as "a feeling of sexual desire" and lustful thoughts as "sexual thoughts or fantasies."  This is actually the dictionary definition, when devoid of all the shame talk religion gives the word "lust."Just recently I tried to show some of my brothers a movie I really enjoy. After watching the beginning, they told me they could watch no more. Why? Because it included some nudity. This has made me realize how hard it must be to be my brothers. They have been raised to … [Read more...]