Unitarian Universalist Music


Several readers have asked about what kind of music Unitarian Universalist services use. Of course, the quality of the music varies from one UU congregation to another. I'm lucky -- my local congregation has pretty good music.UUs have their own hymnal, with a mix of songs in it. Most are hymns I've never heard before; some mention God in one form or another, but most don't. Instead, most focus more on universal themes like nature, personal growth, love, and peace.Here are some … [Read more...]

Unitarian Universalism: “Not Interested” v. “Opposed”


Sometimes something can be totally clear in my head but not end up that way on paper - or rather, computer screen. A couple of comments have indicated that I was unclear about something in last week's post on Unitarian Universalism and diversity of belief. In that post I touched on some of the reasons some atheists object to the UU church. I wasn't saying that these are the reasons non-UU atheists are not UU, but I didn't make that clear enough.Let me see if I can offer a bit of an example. … [Read more...]

Why I’ve Been Talking about Unitarian Universalism


I want to be very clear about something. When I write about starting to attend my local Unitarian Universalist congregation, I am not saying that everyone ought to be a Unitarian Universalist. Far from it. This is my blog, and here on my blog I share my journey. That's all this is. Your journey is yours. Some of you like to listen along and read what I have to say, but I'm not trying to lay out any prescription everyone needs to follow.Unitarian Universalism is not for everybody. It's funny … [Read more...]

Unitarian Universalism and Diversity of Belief


The Unitarian Universalist church is not united by a statement of faith, but rather by a set of progressive social values. Because of that, UUs are all over the map when it comes to beliefs about God. There are pagan UUs, Catholic UUs, atheist UUs, agnostic UUs, Hindu UUs, deist UUs, and even Muslim UUs. The result is that any given UU church brings together people from a variety of religious traditions and with a variety of current beliefs regarding religion, uniting them on the basis of shared … [Read more...]

My Local Atheist Group Didn’t Meet My Needs

Atheist group

For two full years, I didn't go to church. I enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday mornings and I enjoyed not feeling obligated to go to church each Sunday and guilty if I did not. But at the end of this past August I began attending the local Unitarian Universalist church. Why, you ask? The question is a good one.You see, my town is quite liberal, and there is a regular atheist gathering. The group meets at a local pub and the talk is all of how ridiculous religion is and of encroachments on the … [Read more...]

Five Things I Love about My Local UU Church


1. After having veterans stand for appreciation (it's Veterans' Day), the minister asked those with family members currently in the military stand, those who had any relatives or ancestors dead or alive who served in military stand, and, finally, those who had been conscientious objectors stand. There was talk of peace and of objections to war without any dishonor of either current soldiers or veterans. (We were encouraged to avoid stereotypes and instead listen to their stories.)2. The m … [Read more...]