Christian Bloggers Pushing Back on Virginity

I am loving what is going on this week in the Christian blogosphere. There is a conversation on virginity going on the likes of which I never expected to see. I think this is one thing that is so very powerful about the internet: it allows otherwise ordinary people to speak up and make a difference, one person's words igniting another person's words in a groundswell of change. There was a time when the power to influence people's minds and shape their theology lay almost entirely in the hands of … [Read more...]

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Notes on Virginity: Idolizing My Inexperience

Elizabeth Esther has been writing some excellent pieces about the purity culture and virginity recently, and others have joined in. Obviously, I've written about this sort of thing a lot myself, but there was one thing in particular Elizabeth Esther's post got me thinking about, and that's just how much I was taught to prize my virginity, and not just my physical virginity but my relational and emotional virginity as well.By the time I was halfway through college, I hadn't so much as held ha … [Read more...]

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