Kirk Cameron supports female slavery

I keep seeing calls for Kirk Cameron to take back his homophobic comments, and articles about how awful what he said was. I'm glad for the progress all this shows is being made in the advancement of LGBTQ rights, but I would like to add something as long as we're calling for Kirk Cameron to repudiate things.I want to call on Kirk Cameron to cut his ties with Doug Phillips, the Christian Patriarchy leader who has proudly said: “Daughters aren’t to be independent. They’re not to act outside the s … [Read more...]

Kirk Cameron’s Insidious Christian Patriarchy Connections

Kirk Cameron was recently asked on CNN Piers Morgan Tonight about his views on gay marriage. Given what I know about Kirk Cameron and his connections not only to evangelicalism but to the more extreme Christian Patriarchy movement, his replies didn't surprise me in the least. Apparently they surprised a lot of other people, though. GLAAD has launched a petition to "tell Kirk Cameron it's time to finally grow up." Cameron, who was asked by Morgan his views on same-sex marriage, said homosexuality … [Read more...]

When youth group is “contrary to scripture”

A reader recently asked in a comment if I would write about my experiences with youth group and church camp. I can't. I didn't have any. Youth group, you see, was too worldly. It was too fun-based. It wasn't Biblical.My parents are part of the family integrated church movement. This movement, which is pushed by Doug Phillips of Vision Forum among others, inveighs against segregating the family by age within the church and teaches that youth group programs result in divided families and youth … [Read more...]

Doug Phillips on the Threat of Population Decline

I recently ran across an article on Vision Forum president Doug Phillips' blog, in which he repeats a line I heard so often growing up: Our world isn't facing an overpopulation crisis, but is rather headed toward a demographic decline that will result in economic catastrophe. In other words, having 12+ children doesn't contribute to overpopulation but rather serves as a way to fight and avert the potential problems of demographic decline.This idea is frequently put forward by the conservative … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: Santorum, environmentalism, and more

Julie Ingersoll's excellent article, "Obama’s 'Phony Religion' is Environmentalism, Santorum Explains," discusses the anti-environmentalism rhetoric of the right and even draws connections to leading Christian Patriarchy group Vision Forum.Feministe is beginning a series on Evangelical Christianity, and I am keenly interested to read their take. Read the introduction here.Sierra discusses my post on Christian Patriarchy's concerns about women voting by pointing out an egregious c … [Read more...]

Carefully scripted lives: My concerns about the Duggars

I can't say how often I've heard ordinary Americans defend Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their popular TLC television show, 19 Kids and Counting. "I wouldn't choose to have nineteen kids," they say, "but if they can manage it, who am I to question their choice?" "The kids look happy and healthy," they say, "look how polite and well mannered they are." I hear these comments and I just have to sigh.First of all, I want to pout out that I would have concerns about the Duggars even if … [Read more...]

Hell: The most problematic Christian doctrine of all

From my experience, I would argue that hell is the worst Christian doctrine of all. I'm not even going to get into how there is no justice in punishing finite transgressions with eternal torture, or into all the other problems with the theological ins and outs of hell. Instead, I'm referring to the practical implications of the doctrine.I am a mother. I look at my beautiful young daughter, so full of life and joy and excitement and curiosity, and I feel my love for her bubbling up in my heart. … [Read more...]