New Website Addressing Vision Forum

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new website geared specifically to countering the teachings of Vision Forum.  I have been bothered for some time that while there are various articles on a variety of websites addressing the problems with the teachings of Vision Forum and its image of the "perfect godly family," there was no website pulling all of this information together. And now there is.Here it is: Rethinking Vision Forum The site is meant to be something between … [Read more...]

Doug Phillips “Christian” Response to Earth Day

This post is the first in what might become a series of collaborative works between myself and the author of Incongruous Circumspection. This particular post is an analysis of Vision Forum's Doug Phillips' article on Earth Day. It's rather lengthy. While I am an atheist, Incongruous Circumspection is a Christian whose beliefs differ drastically from the Christianity of Doug Phillips or Vision Forum. Both Incongruous Circumspection and I identify as environmentalists, though we differ a bit in … [Read more...]