Andre Sue Peterson: Homosexuality Is Worse than Other Sins

I knew when I saw the title of last week's World Magazine column, The Couple Next Door, that Andre Seu Peterson was up to it again.Ten years ago homosexuality was fringy and dangerous and you were dead set against it. Today homosexuality is the guy grilling steaks next door, waving to you over the picket fence, calling, “How about those Phillies!”Oh dear. Andre, who thinks measures to prevent kids from sexual abuse at church are a drag (?!) and that bisexuals are just sexually pro … [Read more...]

World Magazine’s Hypocrisy on Patriarchy and Child Abuse


Growing up in an evangelical home, I read World Magazine regularly. Today, I'm honestly not sure World knows what direction it is headed. Over the past year or so, the publication has been simultaneously distancing itself from the patriarchy movement within Christian homeschooling and promoting that same movement, and simultaneously calling for the self-policing of child abuse in Christian communities and allying itself with organizations actively involved in child abuse coverups.This past Ap … [Read more...]

Is That the Best You Can Do, WORLD?

Preeminent evangelical WORLD magazine has now weighed in on the lawsuit against Phillips, and I have to say, their focus is sadly misplaced. Beyond the messiness for the families and the local church involved, the case also has implications for the broader church, and it’s likely to draw attention from those outside the church as it gains traction. Without a careful understanding of Christian teaching, a tragic situation could bring derision on Christianity more broadly.It’s certainly hap … [Read more...]

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse Gets in the Way, Says WORLD Magazine’s Andrée Seu Peterson

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Evangelicals have a child sexual abuse problem, but some of them don't seem to want to admit that---or to take the necessary steps to fix the problem. Take Andrée Seu Peterson, for instance, a columnist for WORLD magazine. She recently wrote a column titled "Protecting the Children in the Church---from Us." It seems that Andrée is more concerned about herself---and her ability to walk into the bathroom with the children when she walks them for a potty break during Sunday school---than she is ab … [Read more...]

World Magazine calls out the NAE on contraception!

The NAE is supposed to be the voice of evangelicals. Has it also become an unbiblical voice to evangelicals? So asks Marvin Olasky. In the latest edition of his prominent conservative news magazine, Olasky excoriates the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) for their connections to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. What is the issue at hand? Contraception use among singles.It has often been argued that if evangelicals really are against abortion because … [Read more...]

On World Magazine, Sexism, and Name Changing

Because of The Last Name Project, I've been doing some thinking on everything that goes into women's decisions on whether or not to change their last names. My entry in this project and Sierra's entry reveal that two women with similar backgrounds and similar current beliefs can answer this question very differently - I changed my last name, but Sierra has chosen not to. I don't think that one choice is right or that the other is wrong. I think they're just different.The important thing is … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: Coming under the Influence

How did your parents first come under the influence of Christian Patriarchy/Quiverfull teachings? What leaders did they follow and what publications did they receive? Joe: When I was seven, my parents divorced.  This was 1987, the sort of peak to the “ministry” of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), run by the Christian guru, Bill Gothard (Billy Boy G.).  At the time, Mama attended a weekly marriage counseling seminar called Rebuilders, a program put out by IBLP.  The pastor who ran … [Read more...]