Happy Thanksgiving?

No thing is so important that it must be bought on Thanksgiving. [Read more…]

My Challenge and My Failure: What I Learned from My Fast

Why I broke my fast early, and what I learned from the experience. [Read more…]

Reflections After Day 1 of My Ramadan Fast

Overall, day one of my fasting project was far easier than I thought it would be. Here’s a run-down of my day. [Read more…]

In Preparation of the Ramadan Fast

I will begin participating in the Ramadan fast alongside my Muslim friends here at Patheos for one week, starting tomorrow. [Read more…]

Skipping the New Year’s Resolution

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions for a couple reasons: 1. I like to re-evaluate my life more than once a year, and make changes as appropriate, when appropriate and, 2. I want to do things in my life that are important and have meaning outside of the fact that it’s the [Read More…]

Christmas without Tradition

Christmas Tradition. In our family, this meant waking up early on Christmas morning. My sister and I were “in charge” of making sure everyone was up at a decent time. We certainly couldn’t wait forever to dive into those gifts! Mom would start the coffee and the music, and Dad would make sure we brushed [Read More…]