Ancestor Remembrance Project: I Remember

I remember you Dad. I remember your courage and strength to handle whatever was tossed your way, I remember the love you showed to your family, and I remember your smile. You are loved and missed. [Read more…]

Endings and New Beginnings

As part of a Patheos Pagan Ancestor Remembrance Project, I’ve teamed up with one of the Pagan writers to focus on my ancestors in October! [Read more…]

Me and My Giant, Day 3: Learning to Love the Things that Slow Us Down

Ahhh, day three out on my bicycle for the year. The combination of riding against the wind and getting stuck behind a tractor for a half mile got me thinking about all of things that slow us down, and why we should learn to appreciate them. [Read more…]

Me and My Giant, Day 2

My Giant is not some one-eyed, golden-egg-stealing, grind your bones to make his bread, taller than humanly possible man. [Read more…]

My Challenge and My Failure: What I Learned from My Fast

Why I broke my fast early, and what I learned from the experience. [Read more…]

Recognizing Your Happily Ever After

I’d like to touch on a couple things specifically about my own story that I believe I am not the only woman to have struggled with. Then, I want to talk about recognizing a fairy tale when it’s staring you in the face. [Read more…]

A Modern-Day Fairy Tale

This modern-day fairy tale has many elements of a traditional fairy tale, including the struggles the protagonist must overcome before the happy ending. However, it doesn’t end at the happy ending; the happy ending is only the beginning. [Read more…]

It’s Not Mine, So Why Should I Care?

Have we forgotten the enormous sacrifice that the natural world has made to accommodate our first-world lifestyles? [Read more…]

How to Avoid Being “That Guy”

Stop thinking from a political perspective, a religious perspective, or a traditional perspective, and start thinking from a human perspective. We all have to live here together, and it tends to go better for everyone if we can start to truly understand the “other guy’s” view. [Read more…]

Fat Shaming?

Bioethicist Daniel Callahan wrote in a recent article that he thinks we should take an “edgier” approach to tackling the problem of obesity in America. He thinks we should start using a campaign similar to the anti-smoking campaigns that would “shame” overweight people in the social sphere as a way to encourage them to lose weight and [Read More…]