Matt Birk’s Courageous Voice

Notably absent from the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens’ recent celebratory visit to the White House was the anchor of their offensive line, All-Pro center Matt Birk. The 15-year veteran with a degree in economics from Harvard has been named to six Pro Bowls, but faith and family are his first priorities. When Birk learned [Read More…]

On My Honor

I wasn’t a Boy Scout for long, but the memories have stayed with me for years. While my family was stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, our troop traveled to France and Belgium, where we scampered around the battlements guarding the shores of Normandy and dove in and out of craters at Pont du Hoc. I saw [Read More…]

Orange Circle, Three White Stripes

Signers of the Manhattan Declaration are a part of something, yet we have lacked a symbol of affiliation. This is a problem.¬†Affiliation is a powerful thing. When a stranger signals their support for something you believe in, it creates an immediate bond and sense of affirmation. This mutuality reinforces conviction: I am¬†not alone; I am [Read More…]

Politics Won’t Save Me

This morning I received a sweet and encouraging note from my mom. In the aftermath of the election results, she had been thinking about me. Specifically, about me and the Phoenix Suns. I’ve been a Phoenix Suns fan for as long as I can remember. Unlike most Phoenicians, my family has a long history in [Read More…]