Unique Self and Soul – Unique Self, Part 7

What’s the difference between Unique Self and soul?Soul means different things in the different traditions. In some of the texts and traditions, it means the spiritual quality of your separate self. As long as it means this, it is limited in time, place, and duration—so it is subject ultimately to death. It lacks the quality of the infinite. It is special, beautiful, holy, and sacred—it’s your soul—but ultimately it is an expression of separateness and subject to the contraction of the separa … [Read more...]

Unique Self and Evolutionary We-space – Unique Self, Part 6

Unique Self is the core technology in creating an evolutionary We-space, a space beyond any individual.There are always two views of community. From the Western tradition, basically we are all separate selves. We can’t really come together, but we can give up some of our rights to be protected by the central government. No authentic communication is possible. Or—emerging out of a more continental philosophical tradition—is that the primary unit of reality is the community.Neither of those … [Read more...]

Why Unique Self Changes Everything – Unique Self, Part 5

Unique Self actually changes everything in almost every field, discipline, endeavor, and arena of human experience. For example:1. If you want to identify your vocation, if you identify it from a Unique Self place, it’s entirely different than simply asking, “What am I good at?” You begin to approach the vocation issue in a different way. You’re not hunting for a job. You’re finding your way of bringing your Unique Gifts into the world.2. Relationships. Who do I want to be involved with? … [Read more...]

Why Unique Self Matters – Unique Self, Part 4

Why does Unique Self matter so much?At the most basic level, Unique Self matters because without it, life for the individual becomes virtually irrelevant.A few years ago, I was giving a TEDx talk in Las Vegas and met a man who has since become a close friend, Eben Pagan. I met him and his delightful partner, and it was a Unique Self encounter. There was a flash of recognition.At some point, Wyatt Woodsmall—one of the great inventors of NLP—and Dave Logan, who is a wonderful professor … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Obligation – Unique Self, Part 3

Relating back to our last post, "What does it mean to answer the call?"To answer the call is to live a values-driven life, a purpose-driven life. It’s to incarnate the values of your life in the unique and gorgeous way that you are able to, that only you are able to do. To do so is to fulfill your Unique Obligation.When we hear the word “obligation” in our post-postmodern context, we cringe. It makes us contract. We feel like we spent so many years in therapy getting beyond the oblig … [Read more...]

Answering the Call – Unique Self, Part 2

What does it mean to answer the call?To answer the call is to respond to the call that lives in you, as you, and through you, of your Unique Self. The unique individualized expression of essence that is you calls you, invites you to find your vocation—the claiming of your unique voice in the world. To find a voice that is yours, not imitative, you have to inhabit your Unique Perspective.Your Unique Perspective is your particularized way of looking at the world, the angle at which you l … [Read more...]

Core Teaching of Unique Self – Unique Self, Part 1

Now we're going to explore the core teachings of Unique Self Enlightenment in a 12-part series made in 2012. Each video (see bottom of the page) has a partial transcript which I'm including with each post.Let’s talk about the core teaching of Unique Self. Unique Self is the understanding that you are at the level of essence – not merely at the level of social, psychological, and cultural conditioning – you are ultimately unique, you are an infinitely unique expression of All-That-Is, an expre … [Read more...]