#FTBCon Panel: The True Version of the False: Can Atheists Argue Over the “True” Version of Religion?

This panel on the other hand went swimmingly. I really enjoyed the conversation and I really had fun. I didn’t manage to distort my voice for this one, but I think the risk is really minimal. I just have to hope someone who knows me in person doesn’t watch this and that seems very unlikely. [Read More...]

Understanding Ex-Muslims Panel

So I fucked this one up. I went through a lot of ordeal for this one. I had technical difficulties at home. Then I was originally planning on going to a friend’s house, but he had an emergency and I had to go to another friend’s house and then the anti-filtering proxy simply stopped working [Read More...]

Read This Poem to Understand How Living Under a Theocracy Feels


“The Garden of Love” is a poem written by William Blake some two centuries ago. There are very few poems that speak to me so directly and it seems he had experience living in Iran. I love it and share it here. [Read more...]

OK, I’m an Atheist Fundamentalist. Now What?

Sounds like, if I were a Muslim rather than a fundamentalist atheist, I would be considered a moderate. That is why ultimately “fundamentalist” is such an empty and meaningless buzzword and insult here, and such a glaringly false equivalence. I’m proud of the fundamentals of my own ideology. My fundamentals are liberty and truth. Because of that I have never pulled punches or softened my criticism when it comes to religion and its destructive effect on society. If that makes me an atheist fundamentalist, then I’m proud to be an atheist fundamentalist, and I believe that will be the best argument against religion. Just compare me with Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. If this is the difference between the fundamentalists of atheism and Islam, if these people are the two ends of the spectrum, then you know which one is better for human society. [Read more...]

Sexual Liberation: Work in Progress

The effects of living in a theocracy are much stronger and more lasting than you wish them to be. Simply because you stop ascribing to the hegemonic religion of your culture, it doesn’t mean you are able to break free from all the taboos and prohibitions and barriers of your society. It is a myth that breaking away from religion is an instant moment of liberation from all the prejudices. Even if you know that they are wrong. In addition to that, living in a theocracy forces you to assume everyone follows these rules, so they still preoccupy a large part of your life. That is why I don’t think I’m sexually liberated. [Read more...]

6 Reasons To Be a Firebrand Atheist Even If It Doesn’t Help Convince Religious People

Many people argue against firebrand atheism, stating that it’s misguided and doesn’t deconvert religious people. Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t really care either way. I’m going to remain a firebrand atheist anyway. I really don’t care if my firebrand atheism is a turn on or a turn off to most religious people. That’s mainly because I have not devoted my life to deconverting religious people. It could be nice if it happened, but it’s not mandatory or even that much of a high priority. I have reasons for being a firebrand atheist that don’t involve religious people at all, which I list in this article. But this is the gist of it: Ultimately, my atheism is about me, not religious people. [Read more...]

Check Out Heina Dadabhoy’s Speech on Islam and Taboos

Heina Dadabhoy’s talk at Skepticon7 covers Islam and taboos and it’s awesome. [Read more...]

My Tolerant Moderate Student Is the Reason I’m an Antitheist, Not Fundementalists

So yesterday in the class I asked my students what they thought of death, if they were afraid of it or not, and they all gave various replies. I didn’t bring up this morbid topic. One of them did. Among my students some are deeply religious. One of them is very progressive. She’s always on my [Read More...]

Then Who Is It About, Exactly?

My dear friend and Patheos co-blogger Neil Carter wrote a blog posts called Why I Broke Up with Jesus. The basic premise is comparing the relationship with Jesus to a romantic relationship and as you’ve guessed one side of the relationship displays absolutely no interest in reciprocating. Another Patheos blogger, however, is not amused. Frederick Schmidt of What God Wants for Your Life has written a piece called It’s not all about you. In that piece he admonishes Neil for his narcissism and taking it all personally thinking it’s all about him. Here I write a reply to that piece. [Read more...]

The Debate about Teaching Religion to Children Is Actually a Debate about Religious Hegemony

If you don’t already know, we have begun a debate about teaching religion to children. Wendy Thomas Russell talked about using a neutral language to talk to children about religion, and then I write a post which disagreed with her on just that, using a language which is not neutral about religion. This caused both Wendy and [Read More...]