Rouhani Attacks the Revolutionary Guards In Speeches


If you have followed my reports on Iranian politics so far, you already know that the reformist/moderate Rouhani administration and the conservative/fundamentalist military wing of the regime, the Revolutionary Guards, are now almost openly at each other’s throats. Indeed, we now know that the Revolutionary Guards are secretly attempting a “cold coup” against Rouhani, which [Read More...]

The Revolutionary Guard’s “Cold Coup” Against the Rouhani Administration

Sahamnews, a major Green Movement websites, has released a report which chronicles the attempts of the Revolutionary Guards against the Rouhani administration, which are organized, calculated, and obviously defy the law and people’s vote. The website dubs these organized efforts a “cold coup”, as they don’t intend to overthrow the administration but to make it so crippled and ineffective that there’s virtually no difference. [Read more...]

Credible Polling Agency: 86% of Iranians Want a Nuclear Deal

According to a new survey, 86 percent of Iranians support a diplomatic nuclear deal. In addition, 80 percent of Iranian approves the President Rouhani’s administration job in handling the negotiation over Iran’s nuclear activities. [Read more...]

Maryam Namazie Gives Predictable Reply to My Piece

So my article Maryam Namazie Frequently Publishes Misrepresentations about Iranian Politics was brought to Maryam Namazie’s attention, and she chooses to accuse me of being a regime supporter instead of actually addressing the points I had brought up against her. Well, she sort of addresses only one point, except she really doesn’t. It was recently [Read More...]

Reblog: Why Iran Needs Reform and Not Revolution

What Iran needs is reform, not revolution and an overthrow of the regime, although this might sound counter intuitive at first. [Read more...]

Maryam Namazie Frequently Publishes Misrepresentations about Iranian Politics


It happens often that Iranians who have lived outside Iran for decades or less portray a very misleading and dishonest picture of Iranian politics. Maryam Namazie is one of the worst offenders. She basically gives voice to a narrative that is not only false, but dangerous if people were to believe it. This narrative is that there is no difference between reformists and fundamentalists, and what Iran needs is a revolution that overthrows the regime, and that when that revolution happens, a secular democratic utopia is just around the corner. But those factions are not the same and a revolution might be very disastrous for Iran. Her position in the atheist movement should not enable her to speak about Iran. Because her views are inaccurate and dangerous. [Read more...]

GOP Overtake of Senate: What Does It Mean for Iran Negotiations?


The Republicans completely defeated the Democrats in Midterm elections, and the GOP took over the Senate as well and that means that Mitch McConnell will become the Majority Leader of the Senate. This is especially bad news considering that United States is right now negotiating with Iran as part of the P5+1 to solve the nuclear issue peacefully and diplomatically. Maybe if the Congress wants to pass a new sanctions bill after January 3rd, it’s very likely that the Senate will have the 66 votes to bypass Obama’s veto. Harry Reid was one of the few allies Obama had on this issue, and he used his leadership position to help the diplomatic approach.We know that McConnell will do no such things, and this in itself will make the situation worse. [Read more...]

Iranians Pour Into Streets to Protest Against Acid Attacks Against Women


Four women were attacked by acid last week in Isfahan. Iranians are now protesting in the streets against this violence against women. [Read more...]

Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani (1931-2014): The Tragedy of Traditional Conservatism


Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani, the Chairman of the Assembly of Experts, died today. He was the face of Iranian traditional conservatives. His life, therefore, means much more than him, it is a symbol of the traditional conservatism in Iran. A movement which was sidelined by reformists who wanted to move towards more modern values and by extremist conservatives who hijacked conservatism. He always wanted to be the “White-beard” who takes the middle ground between the different conservative factions, but Iran’s political climate had long ago passed the point, the white-beards were not useful, and Mahdavi Kani found himself at the end yet again a symbol of traditional conservatives: an old sickly man who should have retired years ago. [Read more...]

Guest Posts at Camels with Hammers

My dear friend Dan Fincke allowed me to blog for him in the week my blog was transferring from FTB to here, here are my guest posts at his blog these past days: Iran: The Uncertain Nation In this article I talk about how Iran is a confusing country to understand and what situation we [Read More...]