Senate and Iran: Good Guys Versus the Bad Guys

A look at American Senators to see who supports diplomacy and who supports the potentially disastrous policy of imposing more sanctions. [Read more...]

Iranian Parliament Members Physically Attack Someone So He Doesn’t Demand the Release of Opposition Leaders

Via Today’s Zaman: An Iranian parliament session descended into chaos on Sunday as several hard-line lawmakers disrupted a speech by a moderate colleague criticizing the long-term house arrest of two opposition leaders. Parliamentarian Ali Motahari was speaking out in an open session on the detention orders against Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mahdi Karroubi. The pair [Read More...]

Rouhani Asks for Referendum – What Does It Mean for the Nuclear Program?

President Rouhani has made a very unprecedented demand in a speech, he has demanded a referendum. Rouhani offered no specific thing to be on referendum, but since the entirety of his speech was about the nuclear issue, one can assume he was referring to that. No referendum will be taking place, so the conclusion one can reach is that Rouhani and his enemies are engaged in a heated psychological combat, and Rouhani invokes the specter of a referendum to remind his enemies that he has the popular support of Iranian people on this issue. [Read more...]

Why Campaigns to Save Reyhaneh Jabbari’s Life Were Defeated? An Expert’s View.

Reyhaneh Jabbari was a woman who was murdered a man when all signs point that the man had been attempting to rape her and therefore her action was in self defense. It got a lot of international coverage and many atheists got involved in campaigns to save her life. Unfortunately, the attempts didn’t succeed and she was wrongfully executed. Shadi Sadr is a renowned Iranian lawyer, human rights activist, former political prisoner, and prominent feminist. She was Reyhaneh Jabbari’s lawyer – until she was forced to immigrate from Iran, I think – and she has been active in many human rights campaigns within Iran. You cannot get a better perspective than that, and she has written an article for BBC Persian about why Reyhaneh Jabbari was executed in spite of the international and national campaigns to save her life. I thought my readers would benefit from her insight so I present a summary of her main points here. [Read more...]

What Sartre Means to an Iranian Democracy Activist


We like many western philosophers here in Iran, but if no other philosopher has been as influential and as widely read by multiple generations of Iranians as much as the existentialists Jean-Paul Sartre. Few other philosophers’s thoughts are so miraculously Iranian – few of them seem to be directly talking to a repressed nation under a repressed regime, few of them seem to have looked so squarely at our ailments and had written a prescription we sorely needed. [Read more...]

Rouhani Attacks the Revolutionary Guards In Speeches


If you have followed my reports on Iranian politics so far, you already know that the reformist/moderate Rouhani administration and the conservative/fundamentalist military wing of the regime, the Revolutionary Guards, are now almost openly at each other’s throats. Indeed, we now know that the Revolutionary Guards are secretly attempting a “cold coup” against Rouhani, which [Read More...]

The Revolutionary Guard’s “Cold Coup” Against the Rouhani Administration

Sahamnews, a major Green Movement websites, has released a report which chronicles the attempts of the Revolutionary Guards against the Rouhani administration, which are organized, calculated, and obviously defy the law and people’s vote. The website dubs these organized efforts a “cold coup”, as they don’t intend to overthrow the administration but to make it so crippled and ineffective that there’s virtually no difference. [Read more...]

Credible Polling Agency: 86% of Iranians Want a Nuclear Deal

According to a new survey, 86 percent of Iranians support a diplomatic nuclear deal. In addition, 80 percent of Iranian approves the President Rouhani’s administration job in handling the negotiation over Iran’s nuclear activities. [Read more...]

Maryam Namazie Gives Predictable Reply to My Piece

So my article Maryam Namazie Frequently Publishes Misrepresentations about Iranian Politics was brought to Maryam Namazie’s attention, and she chooses to accuse me of being a regime supporter instead of actually addressing the points I had brought up against her. Well, she sort of addresses only one point, except she really doesn’t. It was recently [Read More...]

Reblog: Why Iran Needs Reform and Not Revolution

What Iran needs is reform, not revolution and an overthrow of the regime, although this might sound counter intuitive at first. [Read more...]