Günter Grass, Giant of World Literature: 1927 – 2015


There is no doubt that Grass was a giant of literature and that he will live on forever in the pantheon of immortal classical writers with all his masterpieces, from his magnum opus The Tin Drum to his other great works. But he was more than that. He was a great moral critic of his own country and his own time, a relentless outspoken voice, and a conscience to humanity. [Read more...]

American Sniper Is an Anti-War Movie


American Sniper is a movie about violence and the deep effect it leaves on people’s soul. It’s about wounded individuals. I think its anti-war message has gone unnoticed for two main reasons: firstly, the movie is very sympathetic towards Chris Kyle, picturing him as the product and the victim of a violent culture, and secondly, it’s very subtle in its imagery and how it conveys its message. But watching the movie carefully will reveal that it is deeply anti-war. [Read more...]

50 Shades of Grey: Let It Go

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Some people expect 50 Shades of Grey to be other things than that, like, a good guide to healthy relationships, or a manual of how to do safe BDSM, or to be a good representative of BDSM, or similar worries, and to these people I say that you are attempting to milk a male cow. It’s a porn book. It’s not meant to be educating anyone, and really, if anyone is making judgments about BDSM or relationships based on this book, it’s the fault of that person and not the book. There’s nothing worthier in this world but to fight abuse. But at the same time, people need a break and an outlet for their fantasies. We shouldn’t confuse these two things together. [Read more...]

RIP Assia Djebar (1936 – 2015), Great Author and Feminist

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Novelist Assia Djebar, an ardent defender of women’s rights in her native Algeria, has died aged 78. [Read more...]

Give This Novel to Anti-Vaxers to Read

Nemesis is the last novel written by Philip Roth. It is a novel about death, loss, grief, and absolute despair. All anti-vaxxers should read this novel because: (1) It’s great and everyone should read it, (2) It shows with an unequal force the horror of a world without a vaccine, that is, the polio vaccine. [Read more...]

Study Literature with W. H. Auden


…. Or at least read the works you find on his syllabus. This Tumbler blog has reproduced the syllabus he thought when he was a literature professor at the University of Michigan for the 1941–42 academic year. His course was named “Fate and the Individual in European Literature”. As you can see it is quite great in [Read More...]

Read This Poem to Understand How Living Under a Theocracy Feels


“The Garden of Love” is a poem written by William Blake some two centuries ago. There are very few poems that speak to me so directly and it seems he had experience living in Iran. I love it and share it here. [Read more...]

Kaveh Mousavi’s Top 12 Music Albums of 2014


Kaveh Mousavi selects his top 12 music albums of the year. From the loudest to the slowest, from the angry ones to mellow ones, from nostalgic albums to the futuristic ones, from those that defy their own genre to those which celebrate them, they all have one thing in common: great music. [Read more...]

My Favorite English Poetry

I love poetry. Friends have asked me to recommend some good poetry to them, and I figured out I could make a list. The list might seem very obvious to people who already love poetry, but if you are someone who is just beginning to enjoy poetry, the list may be useful to you. I [Read More...]

Blue Cheer: Underrated Legends

Kaveh Mousavi has discovered a new favorite band, Blue Cheer, an audacious and radical band predating Led Zeppelin and wants to share his love for them. [Read more...]