Lies of the Opponents of the Iran Nuclear Deal: Debunked


The opponents of the nuclear deal rely only on falsehoods. I have never felt so vindicated n in a position I have, because I haven’t seen a single honest disagreement based on facts, only fabrication and distortion. Here I enumerate some of the lies perpetuated by those who falsely claim that the Iran deal is a “bad deal”, and I compare their points with the text of the agreement to debunk them.. [Read more...]

Is Alexis Tsipras the Mosaddegh of Our Time?

Tsipras Mosaddegh

As I’m writing this blogpost a referendum is undergoing in Greece which will determine the fate of the government of Alexis Tsipras and probably the future of the European Union and the Euro currency. There has been lots of discussion surrounding this, but what has really caught my attention in this is that how much Tsipras reminds me of my own national hero, Mohammad Mosaddegh, who fought for freedom and democracy domestically and for independence and nationalization of Iran’s oil with foreign adversaries and was removed in a coup by the CIA. [Read more...]

5 Ways To Help Human Rights Activists in Theocracies


What is the best way to help people fighting for freedom and human rights in theocracies like Iran and Saudi Arabia? Diplomacy or war? Pressuring the governments or making friends with them? The answer is complicated. [Read more...]

Guest-Post: Why A Nigerian Atheist Welcomes the Election of an Islamist


Today Nigeria witnessed the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari, which signaled a peaceful transfer of power. Ovie Olori is a friend of mine and a Nigerian atheist, 25 years, male, mechanical engineering graduate from university of Port Harcourt. I asked him to share his thoughts on the results of the Nigerian election so that we in the rest of the world can have a better understanding, and he kindly enough agreed to my request. [Read more...]

The Armenian Genocide: Never Forget


Today is the 100th anniversary of one of the ugliest pages in history, the genocide of Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman regime. It is a duty of us to recognize this genocide as the genocide that it was, and never forget it, because recognizing the crimes of the past is the first step of building a brighter future, and acknowledging the wound is the first stage of healing. [Read more...]

10 Ways Recent Nuclear Deal with Iran Is Good News

Foreign Minister Zarif receiving a hero's welcome.

10 important points about the Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal you should know in order to have a clear picture of it. [Read more...]

5 Important Things to Remember About Yemen Conflict


In this post I want to bring to your attention five facts about the Yemen conflict you might have missed in the uproar of propaganda, and war so that you can have a clearer view of the conflict. [Read more...]

Nowrouz: Everyone’s Sending Messages of Peace (Except One Guy)


It’s the first day of Nowrouz. Barack Obama, John Kerry, and David Cameron have sent their Nowrouz messages which are all beautiful and about diplomacy and reconciliation and looking for a better future. But Ayatollah Ali “Buzzkill” Khamenei had to ruin everything by giving a cold reply and making a demand which would sabotage the nuclear deal. [Read more...]

Awful News: Radical Conservative Elected as the Chairman of the Assembly of Experts


Today Iran’s Assembly of Experts (in charge of choosing and monitoring the Supreme Leader) had its internal election and the worst case scenario came true: Mohammad Yazdi, a radical conservative and Islamist extremist, was elected as the Chairman, a defeat for the reformists and an indication that the higher echelons of the regime are still controlled by radical conservatives – not traditional establishment conservatives, not moderate conservatives, but radical extremist conservatives. [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s Address to Congress Was Filled with Lies and Hatred


Reading through Netanyahu’s speech, we see that he lies plentifully and shamelessly about Iran and relies on the absolute ignorance of his audience, and reveals a strong hatred of Iranian people, and advocates policies that would be disastrous to Iran and the region. This speech reveals Netanyahu to be a mindless warmonger and a reactionary radical right-winger. [Read more...]