Guest Post by Farah Shah: The Negative Meaning of Tolerance

This was originally a comment on my blog post “Real Tolerance Is Not Understanding: Or Why Empathy Is Cheating” by my friend Farah Shah. I felt it significantly added to my point, so I asked her permission to publish it as a guest post. “I mean, say, that really were the case and all LGBTQ (or most of them) across the board preferred a more “casual-sex” type of lifestyle over “commitment”, how would that actually justify societies not granting them the same rights as everyone else? How would justify looking down on them with condescension?” [Read more...]

Real Tolerance Is Not Understanding: Or Why Empathy Is Cheating


It’s no big deal to tolerate what is the same as you. Finding ways to convince yourself that others are the “same” is cheating. It’s also no big deal to tolerate what you understand. Understanding is cheating. It’s no big deal to tolerate what you empathize with. Empathy is cheating. You only win the tolerance game if you tolerate what is different, what you don’t understand, what you can’t empathize with. [Read more...]

Link Round-Up 10/26/2014

From IS to Truman Copote, from Hirohito to Malala Yusafzai, this is the most recent round of link-round-ups. [Read more...]

Hello to Patheos

Hello everyone! I’m the new atheist blogger at Patheos. I thank everyone and I’m proud to be here among some of my favorite bloggers and close friends. Here I introduce myself to you. I’m and Iranian and I still live in Iran. I’m an ex-Muslim atheist. I used to blog for Freethought Blogs until I [Read More...]

Guest Posts at Camels with Hammers

My dear friend Dan Fincke allowed me to blog for him in the week my blog was transferring from FTB to here, here are my guest posts at his blog these past days: Iran: The Uncertain Nation In this article I talk about how Iran is a confusing country to understand and what situation we [Read More...]

“On the Margin of Error” Is Moving from FTB to Patheos

In a week or two, this blog will change networks, from Freethought Blogs to Patheos Atheist. I ask all my readers to change their bookmarks when the change happens. Of course, I’m sure you would like to know the reason for that, and I will explain that to the best of my ability, but also, [Read More...]

Link Round-Up 9/19/2014

Story of the Week: Ayan Hirsi Ali was again the target of ex-Muslim silencing and censorship. Sadly, this time even the Yale Atheists joined the repressive forces. Yale University proved to be brave and didn’t censor her. You can read her talk here. Mohammad Syed and Anish Nair write why the statements made by Yale Muslims and [Read More...]

What Choice Is a Free Choice? And Why Religion Destroys the Freedom of Choice.

When we talk about freedom of choice we usually mean that in a legal sense, but we can argue that there are many layers and aspects to what makes a choice truly free, when we think about this concept in terms that are not legal. Freedom is a concept which takes different forms in different [Read More...]

Give Me Your Answer

This is a thought experiment. I’m curious to know your answer, but please don’t try to “deconstruct” the experiment itself, to say it’s impossible or things like this. So please use your imagination and work within it. [Read more...]

Hire Alex Gabriel or Donate

Alex, my friend and colleague, is in financial crisis. If you need a designer or a text editor, make sure to hire him, he’s fantastic. He edited something for me and I really appreciated his work. He has quoted me in his article dealing with this. Here’s what I had to say: I have come [Read More...]