Help the Children of a Non-Believer Murder Victim

Via Greta Christina’s blog: April, Angelina was killed in a domestic violence murder/suicide. She was a non-believer, just beginning to get involved in public/ organized atheism. She was a friend of Mandisa Thomas (founder and current president of Black Nonbelievers, Inc., and member of Black Nonbelievers of Atlanta) and Bridgett ‘Bria’ Crutchfield (board member at [Read More...]

Join Dr. Carrier’s Online Course on the Science and Philosophy of Free Will

Dr. Richard Carrier is holding an online class on the Science and Philosophy of Free Will. This June begins my online course on the science and philosophy of free will, from a naturalist (atheist) and secular perspective. Please spread the word and let people know, anyone you think might be interested. It will be useful [Read More...]

A PSA for All My Dear Feminist Allies

I originally posted this on Facebook, but here I paste it too: I’m not a very social person. I usually avoid others when I can. I get cranky and angry when I am forced to spend a great amount of time in society. I prefer living inside my room and devoting my time to reading [Read More...]

An Image of the Iranian English a High School Textbook

This is just to show you how omnipresence religion is in Iran, I give you two images from the Iranian textbook. These photos were shared by a friend of mine on Facebook. You usually assume that an English textbook is not an opportunity to indoctrinate children and teenagers, and should be concerned with teaching English, [Read More...]

How, as an Atheist, I Deal with Death? To Be Honest, I Don’t.

A bit of warning: this post contains some frank discussions about fear of death, and also some detailed description of violence. If you feel you might be disturbed, please don’t read. One of the claims that theists make, that is not rational at all is that religion helps people cope with death. Which means that [Read More...]

Must Read Article: “What it is like to grow up in Hezbollah culture”

Enlightening, eye-opening, and extremely moving writing. Published in the superb blog, Between a Veil and a Dark Place, it’s called “What it is like to grow up in Hezbollah culture“. It’s a long article, but it’s worth your time, it’s also very hard to read at times but it’s worth your emotional investment too. You [Read More...]