When Jonathan Winters Made My Breakfast

The recent death of comedian Jonathan Winters reminded me of a very curious and humorous experience from days gone by. It was the time Jonathan Winters made my breakfast . . . well, almost. It happened about 25 years ago, when I was working as an associate pastor at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. [Read More…]

The Long View

Hello, everyone! I’m delighted to be contributing here, and grateful to Mark for asking me to come on board (you can read more in his introductory post earlier this week). I don’t plan to link to things I write all that much, but I’ve got a piece over at The High Calling today, about my foray [Read More…]

Skaters Thumb Their Noses at State Supreme Court Ruling

A New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that the Broadway Bomb – a skating race down the middle of Broadway in New York City, in the middle of traffic – is illegal. Did that stop the skaters? Of course not. First of all, they’re skaters. Skaters and especially skateboarders routinely break all sorts of [Read More…]

Taco Bell Warning: Beware the 30 oz. Diet Pepsi!

After a recent trip to “the always delicious Taco Bell,” I thought I’d check their nutritional information (chart from Taco Bell website on 10/17/2012). I was pleased to discover that my favorite items (off the “Fresco” menu) are actually relatively healthy. Taco Bell, always delicious . . . and healthy. Woo-hoo! BUT, I was horrified [Read More…]