Rats! Maybe I’m Not So Funny After All

According the a recent story in the New York Times, I may not be as funny as I think I am. No, no, the Times didn’t run a story on my personal comedy. That would be a very short and a very boring article. I am speaking here as a member of my gender, as [Read More…]

When Is Inequality Okay? When Is It Not Okay?

One of my favorite writers, David Brooks, seeks to answer these questions in his fascinating and cage-rattling op-ed in the New York Times. Brooks begins “The Inequality Map” with a tongue-in-cheek situation: Foreign tourists are coming up to me on the streets and asking, ‚ÄúDavid, you have so many different kinds of inequality in your [Read More…]

I Am Such a Trend-Setter!! :) LOL OMG

A couple of months ago, a business associate of mine ended a text message to me with a funny emoticon (AKA smiley). As it turns out, he had intended to send it to his daughter, but sent it to me accidentally. Well, that inspired me, so, with considerable help from Google, I discovered how to [Read More…]

I Used to Own One of Chevrolet’s Biggest Flops!

A recent article in USA Today celebrates the 100-year birthday of Chevrolet. It contains a few surprises. For example, did you know that the first Chevy Suburban was sold in 1935? That makes Suburban the “longest-lived automotive nameplate in continual use.” What I found most ironic, however, was the list of Chevy’s biggest losers. According [Read More…]