I can hear the chorus of David Bowie’s 1971 song ringing in my memory. Though the song is called “Changes,” it is notable for the repeated line, “Ch-ch-changes.” If you’re my age and want to feel some nostalgia, you can listen to the song here. Why am I thinking about “Ch-ch-changes”? Because that’s what I’m [Read More…]

The Grind and the Glory

Recently, over at Christianity Today, Tim Keller (pastor of New York City’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church) talked with Andy Crouch about work and faith and lots of other things. It’s well worth a read. One piece stood out to me: One thing emerging adults say sometimes is a further step from what we’re talking about: “I hate my [Read More…]

Introducing Alissa Wilkinson

Today, I’m pleased to introduce to you Alissa Wilkinson, who will be working with me as a writer and editor for this blog. Many of you will already be acquainted with Alissa through her writing. I first became aware of her when I saw her name popping up here and there as the author of [Read More…]