Resources for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter

How Lent Can Make a Difference in Your Relationship with God The Seven Last Words of Christ: Reflections for Holy Week The Stations of the Cross: A Devotional Guide for Lent and Holy Week. Includes the paintings by my wife, Linda Roberts. Why Did Jesus Have to Die? Introduction to Eastertide: The Season of Easter [Read more…]

How Ash Wednesday Enriches Our Lives and Our Relationship with God

Part 2 of series: Ash Wednesday: What? How? Why? Today, I want to reflect with you on the meaning of Ash Wednesday and how, I believe, it can enrich our lives and our faith. The denial of death . . . it’s all around us. When people die, they are often alone, sequestered in hospitals [Read More…]

What is Ash Wednesday? How Do We Observe Ash Wednesday? Why Should We?

Part 1 of series: Ash Wednesday: What? How? Why? In just under two weeks, Christians throughout the world will celebrate Ash Wednesday. It has been my tradition for many years to blog on the meaning of Ash Wednesday, putting up that post on the actual day of Ash Wednesday, which, this year, is February 22. [Read More…]