For the Love of Books

At the High Calling, they’re talking about the love of books – and starting off with A Prayer for Owen Meany. (I admittedly haven’t read the book, but nearly everyone I know loves it.) I remember more of the individuals in that class than I do from any other class I took in college: the studious [Read More…]

Can We Slow Down Time?

My husband sent me this article on the phenomenon that makes it feel as if time is speeding up as we get older: AH, the languorous days of endless summer! Who among us doesn’t remember those days and wonder wistfully where they’ve gone? Why does time seem to speed up as we age? Even the [Read More…]

A Longread for the Weekend: Colum McCann and Radical Empathy

Colum McCann wrote a wonderful novel called Let the Great World Spin that came out a few years ago. It tells a number of stories that span across time and two continents, though it’s mostly set in New York City in the 1970s and just after 9/11. The book won the National Book Award. He has [Read More…]

Books Everyone Should Read When They Graduate

The Daily Beast recently ran an article in which some famous writers and academics list books they think everyone should read right after they graduate from college. It’s a fascinating list, ranging from Shakespeare to works of philosophy and biographies and even some economics. That made me want to make a list, which I’ll restrict [Read More…]