For You, With Love (And A Stamp)

It’s that time of year: time to send Christmas packages to loved ones who are far away.┬áThat’s not quite as fun as being there to see them open the packages, but Kinfolk has some suggestions. Tips and tricks, homemade goods, spices/teas, and other ideas – take a quick look. You might find something good! [Read more…]

A Doodle for Christmas Day

Click on the image to the right to see the Advent Doodle for Christmas Day, December 25. For the last seven years, I have put up an online Advent calendar during the season of Advent. It featured pictures suitable for the season, matched with passages of Scripture. This year, I’m doing an online Advent Calendar [Read More…]

How the Christmas Spirit Can Improve Your Marriage

When we talk about the Christmas spirit, we think of giving, caring, and generosity. Yes, of course I realize that the theological core of Christmas is the birth of Jesus. But this is actually a supreme act of giving, in which God the Father “gives” his Son out of love for all of us (John [Read More…]

In Praise of the Smell of Christmas Trees

There’s nothing quite like a great smell. A smell has power like no other sensory experience, especially when it comes to memory. It’s well known that a certain smell can activate our memories like nothing else. That’s one of the main reasons I love fresh, genuine Christmas trees. These days, artificial Christmas trees are hardly [Read More…]