Friendship Through Art Collecting

My friend Christy Tennant Krispin is one of the most intentional people I know — in the sense that she does many things in her life with a great deal of intentionality and thoughtfulness. One of those things is collecting art. She recently held a show in Seattle, where she now lives with her husband, [Read More…]

Skaters Thumb Their Noses at State Supreme Court Ruling

A New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that the Broadway Bomb – a skating race down the middle of Broadway in New York City, in the middle of traffic – is illegal. Did that stop the skaters? Of course not. First of all, they’re skaters. Skaters and especially skateboarders routinely break all sorts of [Read More…]

In a Digital Age, Is There a Place for Pen and Paper?

Like most people I know, my interaction with words happens mostly through keyboards, both real (computer) and virtual (iPad, iPhone). Sometimes, I transfer words from my mind to a digital device by way of a stylus, working on an iPad. I would guess that less than 1% of the words I record these days come [Read More…]

Report on the Penn State Abuse Case: A Lesson for Us All

Today, the official report on the Penn State abuse case was released. The law firm of Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan prepared the report for the Penn State Board of Trustees. It is well over 200 pages long, including extensive appendices. The abuse case centers in the activity of Gerald A. Sandusky, a former assistant football [Read More…]