“Give ’em Heaven” – Dallas Willard’s Granddaughter’s Moving Tribute to Her Grandfather

The High Calling features a sweet, poignant tribute to Dallas Willard, who died a month ago. It was written by Larissa Heatley, Willard’s granddaughter, who delivered it at his memorial service. The title of this piece, “Give ’em Heaven,” is one of the last things that Willard said to Larissa. The years to come without [Read More…]

Remembering Dallas Willard, Part 2

Yesterday, I shared a personal remembrance of Dallas Willard, the beloved and influential Christian thinker and writer. Today, I want to share one more story of Dallas. The event I’m about to describe happened at Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, California. I was a participant in a retreat of Presbyterian pastors from Southern California (Los [Read More…]

Remembering Dallas Willard, Part 1

I just heard the news that Dallas Willard died of cancer. What a loss for us and a gain for Heaven! Dallas’ impact on the church – and on my life – has been profound. As much as anybody in the last few decades, he has helped us think deeply about discipleship, spirituality, and what [Read More…]