What We Learn

One of my very favorite blogs is IMAGE Journal’s Good Letters blog (which is also housed here at Patheos), and one of my favorite writers for Good Letters is Tony Woodlief, who recently wrote about epiphanies and symbolism and what we believe: If readers can miss Flannery O’Connor’s symbolism, the same could be expected of anything [Read More...]

The Long View

Hello, everyone! I’m delighted to be contributing here, and grateful to Mark for asking me to come on board (you can read more in his introductory post earlier this week). I don’t plan to link to things I write all that much, but I’ve got a piece over at The High Calling today, about my foray [Read More...]

Existential Questions: On Stuffed Napkin Dispensers

Photo credit to http://www.flickr.com/photos/frenkieb/15335598/

Okay, so I’m in my local coffee place and I need a napkin. I find the dispenser and reach for a single napkin. But the napkin doesn’t budge because the dispenser is jammed with napkins. When I pull a little harder, my napkin tears and I end up with a quarter-sized piece of useless paper. [Read More...]