When You Feel Far Away From God – Inspiration from The High Calling

Psalm 31:1-24 In panic I cried out, “I am cut off from the LORD!” But you heard my cry for mercy and answered my call for help. Psalm 31:22 Have you ever felt far away from God? Perhaps your life was going along wonderfully, right according to plan. Then, without warning, everything started to fall [Read More…]

How to “Face” Your Fears – Inspiration from The High Calling

Psalm 27:1-14 My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, LORD, I will seek. (NIV) Psalm 27:8 In Psalm 27, David’s poetry reflects his own struggle with fear. In the first verse, he asks “Whom shall I fear?” The answer comes in the following verses. David might fear the “wicked” who are trying [Read More…]

Having God as Your Kitchen Cabinet – Inspiration from The High Calling

Psalm 25:1-22 The LORD is a friend to those who fear him. He teaches them his covenant. Psalm 25:14 The phrase “kitchen cabinet” was originally used in a derogatory sense by critics of President Andrew Jackson’s group of intimate advisors. In time, however, the phrase has come to refer to a small group of close [Read More…]

The Lord Is My Shepherd – Inspiration from the High Calling

Psalm 23:1-6 The LORD is my shepherd; I have all that I need. Psalm 23:1 One of the most common criticisms of contemporary Christianity in America is its excessive individualism. Indeed, in many churches these days, you can sing songs of intimate love for God that communicate only in the first person singular: “I love [Read More…]