Was Jesus Married? Does New Evidence Say “Yes”? Part 2

Fragment of the so-called Gospel of Jesus' Wife. Photo by Karen L. King.

Yesterday, I began commenting on the new revelation from Karen King: a small fragment that may come from a fourth-century document that includes a character named “Jesus” who says “my wife.” Of course, this revelation has excited the media, which stirs up business with such catchy headlines as “A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to [Read More...]

Experts Question Authenticity of the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”

Karen King’s recent revelation of a fragment she calls the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife has certainly made headlines. But her presentation in Rome to expert scholars of the Coptic language (the language of the fragment) has also generated a fair amount of skepticism among those scholars. Here are some excerpts from an AP story by [Read More...]

Was Jesus Married? Does New Evidence Say “Yes”?

Professor Karen King displays the fragment of the so-called Gospel of Jesus's Wife. Photo from http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/090512_AncientPapyrus_1714_605.jpg

Did Jesus have a wife, after all? Major news outlets, such as the New York Times, are reporting on the discovery of a new document that refers to Jesus’ wife. More precisely, a small fragment from a previously unknown document contains a statement by a character named “Jesus” referring to “my wife.” Does this give [Read More...]