The Long View

Hello, everyone! I’m delighted to be contributing here, and grateful to Mark for asking me to come on board (you can read more in his introductory post earlier this week). I don’t plan to link to things I write all that much, but I’ve got a piece over at The High Calling today, about my foray [Read More...]

Oh no! Harvard Frowns on Eating Potatoes!

Photo from Flickr/FotoosVanRobin

An article in USA Today caught my eye: “Harvard weight study leaves taters tottering.” This article begins: “Potato marketers resent a recent Harvard weight-loss study that encourages Americans to bag the spuds, but pistachio growers are nuts about the study’s findings.” The USA Today story is based on a recently published study by researchers at [Read More...]

A Miraculous Cure for Bug Bite Itching? This Remedy Really Works!


For the past several years, I have put up a version of this post. The response from people has been quite enthusiastic. So, given that we’re entering the buggy summer months, I thought it would be good to redo and repost this information. First of all, though, let me be clear that I am not [Read More...]

Living Well: A Memory Tonic for the Aging Brain


Do you find yourself forgetting things that you should remember? Are you wishing that you could somehow improve your memory? Gretchen Reynolds of the New York Times has a suggestion. In “A Memory Tonic for the Aging Brain,” she reports that physical exercise has a positive effect on memory. The article begins by chronicling what [Read More...]