Gary Haugen Discusses ‘The Locust Effect’

Last week, Gary Haugen’s book The Locus Effect was released, and he did a half-hour interview with Gabe Lyons about the book. Haugen is the president of International Justice Mission, and his book explores why the end of poverty requires the end of everyday violence around the world. Interested in more? You can watch the video [Read More…]

Christians Breaking the Ministry Mold: The Eat Gallery in Houston

When we think of Christian ministry, most of us picture church buildings and pastors and bands or choirs. We might envision missionaries and youth workers and Sunday school teachers. Perhaps we see Christians feeding the hungry or building homes with Habitat for Humanity. All of these are quite fine. They’re vital elements of Christian ministry [Read More…]

Is the “Missional” Church Just a Fad?

Part 18 of series: The Mission of God and the Missional Church At the beginning of this series, I mentioned that the use of “missional” to describe the church is becoming so common as to be at risk of losing its distinctive meaning. This whole series has been an effort to clarify what it means [Read More…]

The PAINS of Evangelism

Part 17 of series: The Mission of God and the Missional Church When I talked about sharing Christ by being honest with people, perhaps you wanted to respond: “Even though you talk about ‘just being honest,’ I’m still not comfortable with the idea of sharing my faith with others. What would you suggest to help [Read More…]