The Les Misérables Movie: Script Changes Reflect the Book, Guide the Viewer [Spoiler Alert]

In yesterday’s post, The Les Misérables Movie: Fact Check, I observed that the script for the movie diverges in a number of respects from the script for the stage musical. I offered to do a kind of “fact check,” comparing these two scripts, especially in light of their faithfulness to Victor Hugo’s original novel (in [Read More…]

The Les Misérables Movie: Fact Check

When a presidential candidate gives a speech, members of the media often follow up with a “fact check” commentary. They evaluate the accuracy of the candidate’s claims, something that often reflects poorly on his or her grasp of reality. I propose to offer a handy fact check for the recently released film version of Les [Read More…]

After Seeing Lincoln, I Wanted to Sit in Stunned, Reflective Silence

Once in a great while when I see a film in a theater, I find myself not wanting to move when it’s over. Even after the credits stop rolling, I wish I could just sit in silence and remain in the moment. I want to think, to feel, to respond to the art I have [Read More…]

What Would You Do If You Got Superpowers? Green Lantern vs. Chronicle

When I was a young boy, I yearned for super powers. After watching The Adventures of Superman on TV, starring George Reeves as the Man of Steel, I would put on my t-shirt with a big ‘S’ on the front, tie a towel around my neck as a cape, and make every effort to fly [Read More…]