Talk About Smells! In Praise of Texas Mountain Laurel

A couple of days ago, I blogged on the power of smell to stir up memories. Before I leave the topic of smells, I thought I might add a further reflection. A few nights ago, I stepped out of my front door.  Taking a deep breath, I was surprised to find the air redolent of [Read More…]

My New Friend?

Recently, while hiking out at Laity Lodge, I stumbled (almost literally) upon a large porcupine. He (she?) was about two and a half feet long and two feet wide. He was also right in the middle of my trail, munching on some greenery. I was moving pretty quickly, and came within about six feet of [Read More…]

A Season of Thanksgiving: Thankful for the Beauty of Nature

Part 6 of series: Thanksgiving: Not Just a Day, But a Season Thankful for the Beauty of Nature in Autumn On a recent trip to New York City, I joined my son, Nathan, for a walk/hike through Van Cortland Park. This park of more than 1,000 acres is in the northwest Bronx. It’s accessible from [Read More…]

Wildlife in My Backyard

I thought you might enjoy a couple of photos from my backyard. Axis deer are plentiful in the Hill Country of Texas. Some would say they are more than plentiful. Originally from central Asia (Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc.), the Axis deer or Chital was introduced to Texas for hunting. Now they can be found everywhere. [Read More…]