If You’re Ever in Blanco, Don’t Miss the Redbud Cafe

Live music in the Redbud Cafe, Blanco, Texas.

Last Saturday evening, my wife and I happened to be in Blanco, Texas. It was about sunset, a warm evening with a steady breeze. We ended up with quite a happy surprise, which I’m pleased to share with you. Blanco isn’t exactly in the mainstream of the American consciousness. It’s a small (about 2,000 residents) [Read More...]

Tim Dalrymple: If You’re Selling Scorn for Conservative Christians, the Market is Hot

Tim Dalrymple

Tim Dalrymple is one of my favorite writers of matters of faith and culture. Why? Because he makes me think in news ways, again and again and again. I read his recent post on his Philosophical Fragments blog: “If You’re Selling Scorn for Conservative Christians, the Market is Hot.” The title suggested a common complaint [Read More...]

Public Service Announcement: A Miraculous Cure for Bug Bite Itching

Photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/agder/

The bugs are bad this year. That’s what I’m experiencing in the Hill Country of Texas. And that’s what I keep hearing from others. More mosquitoes. More ticks. More critters to bother and bite us. Aaaargh! I have already had my fair share of bug bites and stings this year, especially fire ants, mosquitoes, and [Read More...]

Good News for Movie, Tech, Culture, and/or Apple Fans! Sorkin to Write Jobs Movie

Jobs and Sorking. A little Photoshop goes a long way. Giveaway? No black turtleneck for Jobs.

If you’re a movie buff, or if you are fascinated by technology, or if you’re an observer of culture, or if you like Apple, then there is good news. Aaron Sorkin has signed on to write the move version of Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs. This story has shown up in most major news [Read More...]