USA Today: Facebook can’t replace face-to-face conversation

A recent column in USA Today claims that Facebook can’t replace face-to-face conversation. The authors, Ed Keller and Brad Fay, of the KellerFay Group, claim to base their conclusions on six years of research, including more than 2 million conversations (?). They have found, for example: •75% of conversations in the U.S. (and even more [Read More…]

Is Texting Ruining Our Ability to Write?

A couple of days ago I blogged on the question: Is texting ruining our relationships? Following a New York Times article by Sherry Turkle, I answered this question with: “Quite possibly. At least sometimes.” Well, the Times is at it again. In “Talking with Your Fingers,” John McWhorter responds to the frequently heard charge that [Read More…]

How Not to Drive Your Friends and Colleagues Crazy Through E-mail

If you use e-mail – and that still includes most of us – you know how helpful it can be. You also know how aggravating it can be. Even with a decent spam filter, you probably don’t need or want to read half of your email, maybe more. I have some friends who hit the [Read More…]

Is Texting Ruining Our Relationships?

Yes, according to Sherry Turkle, psychologist and professor at M.I.T. and the author several books, including Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other. In a recent column in the New York Times, Turkle documents what she calls a “flight from conversation.” Here’s how her column begins: WE live in [Read More…]