Would Jesus Have a Facebook Page? Yes . . .


Part 2 of series: Would Jesus Have a Facebook Page? In one of yesterday’s posts, I asked the question: Would Jesus have a Facebook page? I was moved to ask this question by a statement in a USA Today article on technology in the church. In this article, Drew Goodmanson, the CEO of a company [Read More...]

Would Jesus Have a Facebook Page?

No. This one doesn't count.

If Jesus were on earth today, would he have a Facebook page? No, says Drew Goodmanson, CEO of Monk Development, a company that helps churches use the Internet to fulfill their missions. In a USA Today article by Cathy Lynn Grossman, Goodmanson appreciates the fact that “you can have a digital Bible in the palm [Read More...]

Anxiety? Depression? Need Some Help? Therapy? There’s an App for That!

My "conversation" with Eliza.

The very idea of psychotherapy seems to defy the instant-access, video screen chatter of popular digital culture. Not for long, if some scientists have their way. In the past few years researchers have been testing simple video-game-like programs aimed at relieving common problems like anxiety and depression. These recent results have been encouraging enough that [Read More...]

Blogs vs. Term Papers: The Case for Term Papers

Recently, I have offering some thoughts on the relative value of blogs vs. term papers in higher education. I was inspired by an article in the New York Times: “Blogs vs. Term Papers.” This article describes the convictions of an English professor at Duke to abolish term papers in favor of blogs. As you might [Read More...]