What Would It Take for You Willinglly to Give Up Using Your Cell Phone in the Car?

The headline of this New York Times article caught my eye and sped up my pulse: “U.S. Safety Board Urges Cellphone Ban for Drivers.”  They’re not talking only about handheld cellphone usage: As part of its recommendation, the National Transportation Safety Board is urging states to ban drivers from using hands-free devices, including wireless headsets. [Read More…]

Your Life is Not Private. Could This Be Good?

Two recent news stories share a common theme: Your life is not private. For better or for worse, you are living in public. Millions of people and hundreds of pundits believe that this is, truly, for worse. I want to argue a point on the other side. In some ways, the expansion of public living [Read More…]

How Can You Be Polite When You’re Talking To (Not On, but To) Your Phone?

Now we have a new challenge to our social order and general peace of mind: people talking to (not on, but to) their phones, their “virtual assistants,” if you will. This problem was highlighted in an article in the New York Times, “Virtual Assistants Raise New Issues of Phone Etiquette” by Nick Wingfield. Here’s is [Read More…]

Should You Ask Santa for a Tablet or an E-reader?

“Should you ask Santa for a tablet or an e-reader?” Edward C. Baig, writing for USA Today, recently asked this question in an article the evaluates the relative benefits and limits of tablets and e-readers. His article does an excellent job laying out the specifics and making recommendations. If you’re thinking about purchasing a tablet [Read More…]