Technology and Culture: Could Smart Phones Make Keys Obsolete?

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Could smart phones make keys obsolete? Yes, say Matt Richtel and Verne Kopytoff of the New York Times. In their recent article, “Tools of Entry, No Need for a Key Chain,” the writers show how technology related to smart phones is beginning to take away the need for keys. And not just keys. Before too [Read More...]

Tech Trends: Should Teachers Be Free to Say Negative Things About Their Students on Facebook?


A recent op-ed in the New York Times raises the issue of teachers being disciplined for saying negative things about their students on Facebook. “When Teachers Talk Out of School” by Jonathan Zimmerman of NYU presents the following examples: Christine Rubino, a New York City math teacher, posted on Facebook things like: “After today, I’m [Read More...]

Tech Trends: What If Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Could a cancer risk end our cultural love affair with the cell phone?

An article in today’s New York Times caught my eye: “Cellphone Radiation May Cause Cancer, Advisory Panel Says.” Now that’s not what I needed to start my day, but it certainly did get my interest. According to this story by Tara Parker-Pope and Felicity Barringer, several things seems to be true: 1. The Advisory Panel [Read More...]

Tech Trends: Groupon Uses Poetry and Humor to Grow Its Business


A couple of months ago I signed up with Groupon. Now I get an email “coupon” each day, offering me some deal within a reasonable drive from my house. None of this is especially interesting. But what I have found interesting is the written copy that entices me to use my daily coupon. For example, [Read More...]