Borders is Done: Further Evidence of the Impact of the Internet on Book Publishing

On Monday, I blogged on a New York Times article that documented the “victory” of the E-book revolution. Yesterday’s Times has further evidence of the unprecedented changes facing book publishers and sellers because of the Internet. “Calling Off Auction, Borders Plans to Liquidate” reports on the final downfall of Borders, on of the nation’s leading [Read More…]

The E-Book Revolution: Evidence of a Decisive Victory

A recent article in the New York Times provided evidence that E-books have won a decisive victory in their war with print media. “E-Book Revolution Upends a Publishing Course” by Julie Bosman focuses on the Columbia Publishing Course, perhaps the most prestigious short introduction to the publishing world. Many of the leaders of the top [Read More…]

Technology and Culture: Could Smart Phones Make Keys Obsolete?

Could smart phones make keys obsolete? Yes, say Matt Richtel and Verne Kopytoff of the New York Times. In their recent article, “Tools of Entry, No Need for a Key Chain,” the writers show how technology related to smart phones is beginning to take away the need for keys. And not just keys. Before too [Read More…]

Tech Trends: Should Teachers Be Free to Say Negative Things About Their Students on Facebook?

A recent op-ed in the New York Times raises the issue of teachers being disciplined for saying negative things about their students on Facebook. “When Teachers Talk Out of School” by Jonathan Zimmerman of NYU presents the following examples: Christine Rubino, a New York City math teacher, posted on Facebook things like: “After today, I’m [Read More…]