My Town of Boerne: Fourth Best Top Small Town in America

Main Street of Boerne. The streets signs still include the German Hauptstrasse.

According to, Boerne, Texas is the fourth best small town in America in which to live. That’s where I live. (Well, technically, I live just outside of town, but who’s counting.) Boerne is ranked behind: 1. Papillion, Nebraska. (Never heard of it. How about you?) 2. Golden, Colorado. (Right new to the Rocky Mountains. [Read More...]

If You’re Ever in Blanco, Don’t Miss the Redbud Cafe

Live music in the Redbud Cafe, Blanco, Texas.

Last Saturday evening, my wife and I happened to be in Blanco, Texas. It was about sunset, a warm evening with a steady breeze. We ended up with quite a happy surprise, which I’m pleased to share with you. Blanco isn’t exactly in the mainstream of the American consciousness. It’s a small (about 2,000 residents) [Read More...]