My Town of Boerne: Fourth Best Top Small Town in America

According to, Boerne, Texas is the fourth best small town in America in which to live. That’s where I live. (Well, technically, I live just outside of town, but who’s counting.) Boerne is ranked behind: 1. Papillion, Nebraska. (Never heard of it. How about you?) 2. Golden, Colorado. (Right new to the Rocky Mountains. [Read More…]

If You’re Ever in Blanco, Don’t Miss the Redbud Cafe

Last Saturday evening, my wife and I happened to be in Blanco, Texas. It was about sunset, a warm evening with a steady breeze. We ended up with quite a happy surprise, which I’m pleased to share with you. Blanco isn’t exactly in the mainstream of the American consciousness. It’s a small (about 2,000 residents) [Read More…]