The Church as a Thin Place

Part 8 of series: Thin Places In my last post in this series, I examined how Jesus impacts our understanding of thin places. If a thin place is a location where God’s presence can be experienced with unusual intensity, then Jesus himself was the ultimate thin place. Yet, as I noted in my last post, [Read More…]

Thin Places and Jesus

Part 7 of series: Thin Places In my last post in this series, I suggested that the Temple in Jerusalem was the paradigmatic thin place in the Old Testament. The Temple was considered God’s house, metaphorically speaking, the chief place in which his presence lived on earth. Unlike the Tabernacle, the Temple existed in one [Read More…]

Series on Thin Places is Available

My series on Thin Places is now available. As you probably know, it is a work in process. But if you want to read what I’ve written about thin places in logical/chronological order, this is the place to do it. Also, if you want to link to my writing on thin places, you might link [Read More…]

The Temple as a Thin Place

Part 6 of series: Thin Places After God established the Tabernacle as “sanctuary” for the Israelites so that he might “dwell in their midst” (Exod 25:8), he continued to “camp” among his people in a temporary, portable dwelling. Many generations passed. Finally, David became the king of God’s people and centered his kingdom in Jerusalem. [Read More…]