Lift Up Holy Hands and Praise the Lord! Inspiration from The High Calling

Lift Up Holy Hands and Praise the Lord Psalm 134:1-3 Lift up holy hands in prayer, and praise the LORD. Psalm 134:2 When I was a boy, verses like Psalm 134 worried me. Scripture seemed to be clearly calling me and my fellow believers to lift our hands in prayer, but we Presbyterians didn’t do [Read More…]

The Church as a Thin Place: Some Implications

Part 9 of series: Thin Places In my last post in this series, I suggested that, from the point of view of the New Testament, the church is to be the world’s most significant thin place when Jesus is no longer present on earth in the flesh. To put it differently, in the time after [Read More…]

What Does Success Mean for a Worship Leader?

Yesterday, I considered what successful worship might be. Today I want to build on that foundation by offer some suggestions about what it might mean for a worship leader to be successful. Let me start with something obvious but essential: Successful worship leadership facilitates successful worship. If you are a worship leader, you have led [Read More…]

Successful Worship?

For many years, I have been on the editorial board of Worship Leader magazine. I also write regular column for the magazine entitled Lyrical Poetry. In this column, I take one jewel from the treasure chest of the Psalms and consider its relevance for worship and worship leaders. (By “worship leader,” I am thinking about [Read More…]