What’s the Most Popular Bible Translation?

The answer may surprise you: “Although the bookstores are now crowded with alternative versions, and although several different translations are now widely used in church services and for preaching, the large presence of the KJV testifies to the extraordinary power of this one classic English text,” Noll commented in the IUPUI report. “It also raises [Read More...]

Getting New Yorkers to Read the Bible

My friend Bethany runs the Park Forum, which is dedicated to helping city-dwellers (particularly New Yorkers) read and listen to the Bible more. And she gave an interview to Christianity Today recently: There’s something about listening to Scripture in community. These letters weren’t meant to be read only in part. People in the time of their [Read More...]

The State of the Bible 2012 – Some Reflections

Last week, I put up a brief summary of some recent findings on “The State of the Bible 2012.” These findings are the result of an in-depth survey commissioned by the American Bible Society. (You can download a PDF of the study results here.) Today, I want to offer some reflections on this survey. First, [Read More...]

The State of the Bible 2012


So, how is the Bible doing these days? Are people still believing it? reading it? Still holding it in high esteem? Or, in our increasingly secular culture, is the Bible going the way of the Sears Catalog and VHS tapes? The American Bible Society recently commissioned an in-depth survey the seeks to answer these questions [Read More...]