P.S. to My Review of Blue Like Jazz the Movie – Advice for Those Who Love the Book

A couple of days ago, I put up a review of Blue Like Jazz, the movie. Since then, I’ve received quite a few comments or emails from people who love the book Blue Like Jazz and are concerned about whether or not they’ll like the movie or not. They have every right to be concerned, [Read More…]

Blue Like Jazz: A Review of the Movie

Last night, I saw the Austin premiere of Blue Like Jazz, the movie based on Donald Miller’s book of the same title. It will be in theaters beginning on April 13. The film was an official selection of the South by Southwest Film Festival and it was shown in the Paramount theater, one of SXSW’s [Read More…]

Kickstart Your Dreams

While some folks take the the streets to camp out and protest economic unfairness in our society, others are Kickstarting the economy and advancing their own dreams. While some complain that you can’t get ahead unless you are rich, others are finding ample funding for their creative visions through the online phenomenon called Kickstarter. I’ve [Read More…]