‘The Giver’ Keeps Giving

Over at my blog at Christianity Today, I published a guest post from my colleague Elissa Cooper, who is an assistant editor at CT. She saw an advance screening of The Giver and wrote about how the film’s story keeps giving, and the danger of not facing truth as children: Four and a half years ago, as [Read More…]

Can’t a Dad Hug His Boy?

At Good Letters, after the sad shooting a few weeks ago, Vic Sizemore writes about children and memory: Yesterday evening, Evan, my wife Liz, and I sat at the picnic table in our backyard near the woods. Despite the citronella candle, the mosquitos were thick, but the weather was so perfect we played out there anyway, [Read More…]

Technology: When Great Ideas Have Less-Than-Great Consequences

Matt Ritchel, one of my favorite New York Times writers, has a new article entitled “Wasting Time Is the New Divide in Digital Era.” He explores some of the negative consequences of a national movement to get computers into the hands of everyone, especially all children. The article begins: In the 1990s, the term “digital [Read More…]