In Praise of the Smell of Christmas Trees

One of my favorite, recent Christmas trees, a Fraser Fir. Not often sold in California, this variety is plentiful in Texas, though it is grown only in the southern Appalachians.

There’s nothing quite like a great smell. A smell has power like no other sensory experience, especially when it comes to memory. It’s well known that a certain smell can activate our memories like nothing else. That’s one of the main reasons I love fresh, genuine Christmas trees. These days, artificial Christmas trees are hardly [Read More...]

Christmas Takes the Lead: Merry Christmas 2 – Happy Holidays 1

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During Christmastime, oops, the holiday season, or, um, whatever, I find it interesting to observe the institutional gyrations as businesses, schools, and governments deal with the challenge of Christmas. Traditionally, of course, “Merry Christmas” prevailed, along with Christmas trees and even nativity scenes. But, in recent years, concerns about the feelings of non-Christian folk have [Read More...]